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Default Why must I convert???

"I invite you to purify yourself from idolworship, devote yourself to God alone, that you may join God's kingdom on earth that is very soon to be established God willing."

Dear Lord,

A good meaning soul wrote mea message. To turn away from Jesus and towards Islam.

I'm going to make it real clear here. I have my own faith. Mine. It is what I believe. It is who I am. I believe in Jesus Christ. I don't know if he was "physically" the son of God, only Him Mary and God know that one.

I have faith that he was a divine messenger and a supernatural being in every sense of the word. By his faith in God, miracles occurred. He taught others howto believe in the possibility of miracles - good things happening without any sign of them coming; something completely unexplainable.

I know that just as God is my father in heaven, he is surely the father of Jesus in heaven. I also know that God runs the show. This is only the devil's playground because people are ignorant enough to place more faith in evil than in hope.

Don't ask me to turn away from my faith. I love God. Jesus led me to God as surely as Mohammed led you to God. I'm not asking you to drop your faith? I can appreciate it through my own faith. I am not threatened by the differences in our religions - they have both been corrupted by the leaders of our "churches" to one extreme or another.

I'm here to talk about what we have in common. The truth. The truth alone shall set us free. Understanding the truth is understanding God. Me and you are God's family whether you like it or not. I am your Christian sister. We have atheists in the family too! I adopted God as my father through faith just as surely as you did.

Remember not to judge, that God's job. If you believe you are speaking the truth, all the power to you. And don't ask me again to turn away from my brother, Jesus Christ, who showed me God's love.

Mary XXX

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