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Mr. Cynic,

Im glad you brought this back up. The meek of the world don't have the same oportunity that most of us lily white Americans have. We have options, we can afford the Uniherdity, we can obtain a loan, we can walk into a job interview with a fair chance, we can buy healthier food, our parents can leave us with an inheritance. The meek have none of that. They work for us and are left with our table scraps.

And no I don't believe most Americans will be able to get through the Eye of the Needle. Most of us are only looking out for ourselves, Where is my next dollar coming from? Not what can I do for God but what can I do for me, To hell with the rest of the world!

I've said this before but, we Americans are responsible for more Death and Destruction across the face of the Globe than any other group of people. The British before us and the Romans(?) before that. We are a Christian nation and that cannot be denied. Shame on us and our Religion. We are guilty and we have a Collective Karma to deal with. I'm sick of this attitude that this Christian American nation is holier than thou, and that everything we do is good for the rest of the world. Our Judgement is coming.

Repair your personal Karma and if your lucky enough you'll be able to step aside of Armageddon.
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