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Default Re: Situation Update...Avian Bird Flu!

<a href="">Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global "Iatrogenocide"</a>

A Public Health Warning and Political Essay by a Harvard-trained Author of Fifteen Books Including the American bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH


If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry officials, curious immunity of these pharmaceutical entities over the past century to law enforcement and mainstream media scrutiny, and published official depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions advanced herein, the public is forewarned against this physician assisted mass murder best termed "iatrogenocide."* This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives.

* The term "iatrogenocide" is derived from the combination of words "iatrogenesis," meaning physician induced illness, and "genocide," defined as the mass killing and/or enslaving of people for economics, politics, and/or ideology.


Now add to this information: a small percentage of people who are treated with vaccines actually get the full-blown illness. This still happens with all the vaccines for childhood illness, even with polio vaccine. Since Avian Influenza supposedly kills more than 50% of its victims, and since there is no natural immunity in the rest of the population, this is an extremely serious matter. How would they prevent those unfortunate enough to get the full-blown illness from spreading it to the mostly-unprotected population?

After reading Dr. Horowitz's article, I remembered that there have been recent press releases about experimental vaccines that are being prepared - right now - for Avian Influenza, and federal authorities were concerned that not enough will be available if there is an outbreak or epidemic. But something doesn't make sense: other articles have stated that the Avian Flu hasn't mutated yet to be able to spread from human to human easily. So how are they creating a vaccine for a virus that doesn't exist yet? And how are they testing such a vaccine, for a virus that supposedly kills more than 50% of its victims?

The answer was even more horrifying than the question: two U.S. companies have been contracted to create and test Avian Flu vaccines on 450 voluntary human subjects in three cities: Rochester, NY, Baltimore MD, and Los Angeles, CA, using a culture of H5N1 Avian Flu isolated in China in 2004. In this article published by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), there is no mention of quarantine for the test subjects:

What does this mean? They are playing with fire. 450 people in three major cities are being "vaccinated" with an "experimental" vaccine with a supposedly "inactivated" virus that kills more than half of its victims if it is fully active, and for which there is not yet any natural immunity. If a minor error is made in the "inactivation" of the virus, many of those volunteers could contract full-blown Avian Influenza. And, statistically, even if no errors are made in vaccine creation, it is likely that at least one of them will contract the illness and may spread it to others.

Finally, even if the vaccine is "successful" and then used to vaccinate thousands or even millions of people, a small percentage of people who are vaccinated will likely become ill, and likely to spread the virus to others who are not vaccinated. In other words, this experimentation is likely to CAUSE AN EPIDEMIC.

What to do?

From the information above, it now seems likely that there WILL be an Avian Flu epidemic this winter, either carried here from the Far East or caused by vaccine experimentation. Please read and refer people to the Avian Flu protection article at Stock up on the immune-boosting supplements suggested in the article. Tell people that it is not necessary (or even advisable) to seek the vaccine or anti-viral drugs currently being promoted by the government. Finally, if forced vaccinations and quarantines come to pass, the suggested acute illness regimen in that article can offset the toxic effects of the vaccine and likely protect against contracting illness from it.

This article is available at

Jonathan Campbell
Health Consultant
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