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Default Re: Mel Gibson is one of us !

Mel is the real deal.. Some people here say that Catholics are some kind of idiots/demons... When you realize the life, passion, and determination of the man who the movie "The Man Without A Face" was based on.. Mel Gibson is the closest thing to a modern Saint as anybody in our lifetimes will ever know.

And Catholicism is just a splinter of the Great Body of Christ... His/Mel's contribution is enormous.. God bless Mel.. for weaving his thread into the Eternal Book of our Lifetimes..

All of our lifetimes are but threads in the tapestry of God's greater Plan.. We cannot see our efforts in the short span that we are allowed as mortals.. But the thread of our own small lives can also be a part of the same rug/tapestry/pattern woven with the hands of time everlasting.

I like Mel.. If we would do as much time on our knees in prayer as he has done in his life, the World would be a much better place.

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