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Default Re: WARNING: Intelligence service penetrated this site

Peace Billiard,

There is a physical incontrovertible proof for some direct knowledge from God, here are some examples (all proven by it):

1- Jesus was just a human messenger like Noah, Moses, Muhammad..etc.

2- Jesus was born without a father by God's leave.

3- God saved him before the torture began.

4- All those who die under 40 (the age of responsbility) will go directly to Heaven.

5- The end of the world is the year 2280 AD.

6- Abraham wasn't burnt by the fire by God's leave.

7- Moses did part the sea with his stick by God's leave.

8- There are no coincidences in this world, and everything is happening in accordance with God's will.

9- Satan has no power whatsoever, and God is allowing his evil only in accordance with His overall plan.

10- The three major religions are satanic offshoots of the ONLY religion, Submission to God alone.

11- Idolizing mere mortals (Jesus, Muhammad, the saints, the rabbis,..etc) or venerating any other creature (money, status..etc) is the only unforgivable sin.

12- Only God can harm or benefit you.


All this information and more is finally proven by a physical proof you can witness from the comfort of your living room!

Quran letter by letter has been protected against distortions by a miracle that was hidden inside it for 1400 years. God sent a messenger (Rashad Khalifa Ph.D, an Egyptian emigrant to Arizona) who discovered this miracle in 1974, yet the corrupt muslims rejected it because it exposes the unproven "Hadith" books as satanic fabrications.
Eventually they killed him in 1990 in Tucson.

But the message is still alive, and if you are truthful, you should verify it for yourself, what if it is the truth from your Lord!?

For an introduction:

For the complete details, just search for "The Authorized translation of Quran by Rashad Khalifa, appendix 1" which is available on many sites online.

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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