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Default Re: An Open Declaration of Full Aeonic Christian Warfare

What is it that you want from this forum, fra nothing?
Are you from one of the many Illuminati branches, sent here as an obstructionist?
Or do you have a personal grudge against a forum such as this, which is intended as a place to exchance ideas and info on the NWO?
Or are you here because your O.T.O. handler has promised you a further initiation into the great mysteries if you are successful in destroying this forum?
Or perhaps you're just angry and hurt that we aren't accepting your personal agenda. But this forum wasn't intended to be used as a place for the aggressive promotion of anyone's personal agenda.
The Christ that you say that you serve isn't the same as the Jesus Christ of the holy bible. What you're serving is something entirely different; what is it?
In having a look at the O.T.O. Grand Lodge website, they use the same odd 'hellfire and brimstone' language that you use, fra. Reading parts of that website is just like reading one of your posts.
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