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Default Re: Does George Bush Represent a Rift in NWO?

If I read correctly, the Jesuits (the military order of the Church), via the Jesuit General is in control of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican. But think about it, this power structure dates back to the middle ages where they yielded enormous power. Forward in time to the Inquisitions and Crusades you begin to understand the power of the Vatican (or those who pull her strings behind the scene). Seems that the men behind the White Pope (the visible pope) is the one with the real authority and power. This manís name is Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the Black Pope. The story of the Jesuits is very intriguing on many levels.

billiard wrote:
wow Nestor , some real hard-core stuff there ... some of it is pretty accurate , I think , except the part about the black pope . I couldn't quite swallow the idea that the Catholic church is the power behind the NWO .
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