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Default What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

If there is anyone in a prime position to do so? What are some ways that we can start chipping away at the bedrock of the NWO?

Surely it would seem that whatever we could do to inconveniently sabotage different elements of every day life for these corporations and government officials would not be scratching the surface at first, but the more people we have shooting proverbial pellets into their plans, the more of the stonework of the NWO would be chipping away at a greater rate. Even a mountain gets worn down by the rain.

I would like only serious ideas on how we can take this New World Order and, by means both legally, and maybe slightly illegal (only as far as criminal mischief, if you are willing to place your freedom on hold for a short time for the cause).

Do whatever you can . . . let the air out of a CEO's tires . . . sugar his gas tank . . . place a dirty phone call from a pay phone and tape it with one of those tapping devices . . . alter a public speech with good audio software and send it to a a news station . . . tell the CEO's spouce thet the CEO is cheating on them (especially if you are the same sex as the CEO) . . . Claim to the media that a senator grabbed your ass (if you're a pretty girl) . . . cut a governour's cable wire leading into his house . . . do a ring and run at your mayor's house . . . break a window on your town hall at 3 am, and RUN FASTER!

Bigger things for a person in a prime position could do would be . . .

Cut building power during a meeting . . . punch out a set of limo tires while one of these CEO's is in it on the way in . . . put a bag of dogshit in a CEO's desk . . . replace the corporate training video with a pornographic film . . . if you are in the corporate environment, download a virus . . . if you are in the IT department, fry a server . . .

During election years, put Mickey Mouse down on the write in . . . Place stickers that say something to the effeect of 'vote for mickey mouse in [whatever year] . . . reduce the size of big government' . . . hang a 'vote for anarchy' banner on the public schools . . . take pictures, and then manipulate the photos of every possible candidate, and email them to everyone you know, or post it here, annonymously, for distribution.

Do something to make life annoying for these individuals . . . make them want to move. Kick them out of your towns and cities the way you would make a regular pervert, thief or other scoundrel move. Tell them you don't want them in your state . . . or better yet, in your country for that matter. . . make these people give up and retire. Then make the next bunch of assholes pay for the life they chose. . . just do it by as legal of means that you can possibly do it.


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