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Default Re: Your thoughts on evolution?

There is no doubt in my mind that this world is four or five billion years old.. and that evolution.. thru the survival of the fittest is God's plan (If there is a terrestrial God)..

There is no doubt in my mind that there are millions of earths like ours that support life like ours in this universe that we live in... In fact, I don't doubt that there are an infinite number of worlds exactly similar to "our" own world.. I suspect that we are making choices and navigating the entire universe in each response that we make at each second.. Each of us traversing our own multi-universe in our own path of enlightenment.

I think quantum theory will prove this.

In the short span of time our world will be destroyed by a comet every 65 million years.. and wiped down to primitive life forms.. In the longer term "our" planet will be fried when the sun turns into a red giant in five billion years..

Unless the human race can figure out how to get the energy sources that enable interstellar, and intergalactic travel , "our" species and "our" religions are doomed... to stardust.
The idea that Buddha, or that Krishna, or that Jesus, or that there is any "God" at all.. is unlikely..

More than likely the truth is that we don't understand the true nature of the universe that we were thrust into by our birth.. and seek to use three or four dimensional models to describe an 11 dimensional experience.
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