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Default Re: This space reserved for fra_nothing's poetry!

By the way, Bouncer, if the Satanic leaders haven't given you the 'memo' it's probably because they don't have the memo to give.

Do you take me for a charlatan?

You think about this real hard for a while.

Is it really in my best interests to be wrong?

As a Christian, would I not make certain beyond doubt that I was not only prepared, but able to vanquish any who opposed me?

Do you really think I would attempt this little 'exorcism' of the Universe if the Spirit of the Living God were not in complete Providential Aeonic command?

As a Christian, do you think for one moment that I want anything but the Parousia of Christ?

If I'm a charalan and a mountebank, why do I give out this information freely, without charge? Implication: I ain't in this one for the 'cash' -- chi-ching. I know that is an incomprehensible thought to one who worships Mammon, but some of us in this world worship another God.

You didn't get the memo, because I'm the one sent to give the world the 'memo'. I am the Magickal Heir of the Beast. I fully realize this is the nightmare scenario for the Thelemite and Satanist. It also happens to be the very fact of the matter.

Does it matter one iota if I am regonized by human agents as 'this that or the other'? No. Not one bit.

These events and affairs are governed solely by Illumined Government. And what the Illuminist and Thelemite and Satanist cannot seem to come to grips with is that now the Secret Chiefs in command of the whole 'Magick Show' are none other than the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

God is going to show the world the definition of Exorcism. The Father has a bit of a 'Magick trick' he wants to perform to the Pharoahs of this world.

Think of Moses. Realize that its happening again. And then realize that it is the end en toto. Fin. Hasta la Vista. Bye bye. Skidoo. Outa here. See ya later aligater, etc.

Wake up and read the signs of the times, blind seer.
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