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Default Re: Interview with Paul and Phillip Collins on A Closer Look - A MUST LISTEN!

Agent Orange: You are right on the mark. The co-opting of the Minute Men movement by white supremacists represents another step in the elite's project of promulgating racial dialetics If they can radicalize the Minute Men, then they can pit them against the Aztlan movement. Such a manufactured race war would provide the ruling class with a readily exploitable threat and a pretext for the implementation of police state policies.

Thumper: Sorry you don't like it. However, it is a reality. It is very important for humanity to start getting over its hang-ups. Racism is one of them. We have a common enemy and they don't owe their allegiance to any particular ethnicity. They wish to subjugate all of us. The new world order is an equal opportunity oppressor.
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