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Default Re: Exorcism of Exorcisms: APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS

Marsali wrote:
Very interesting, fra nothing. But you've dodged the question.

There can be no positive action that is from God or Christ without the active force of LOVE behind it. Nothing in what you've posted on this forum so far indicates that you understand this;
LOVE is very essence and basis of Christ's ministry.
Do not blaim me for your misunderstanding. You are still caught up in fuzzy warm concepts of Phileo Love.

We speak of Agape Love. Agape Love is as high above Phileo Love as the Heaven above the earth.

Agape is free from lust of result. Agape is free from 'passion'. Agape deals only in terms of Will.

It was from God's Agape that Christ came and died. This is not because we had Agape for God, but because He had Agape for us. We Agape God, because he first had Agape for us. For Christ showed us the Father, and the Will of the Father. And that Will of Agape dwells in us. It is invincible.

Agape Love says thus: ' I Will Love because I Will Love and I Will do nothing else.'

Agape Love says thus: ' I Will give Life because I Will give Life.'

Agape Love in the Christian is the same. I Will choose God not from compulsion or slavery. I Will choose not by Fear, but Will of Agape.

Agape does in fact lead to Phileo. We are to have Phileo Love certainly. But Agape soars above all concepts of passions, which can be swayed hither and thither.

Agape is Will alone. 'Our Father who art in Heaven...thy Will be do on earth as it is in Heaven.'

'Peter, do you Agape me?'
'Lord, you know I Phileo you!'
Peter, do you Agape me?'
'Lord, you knkow I Phileo you!'

'Peter, do you Agape me?'

'Peter, do you Will me?'
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