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Default Re: Exorcism of Exorcisms: APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS

Marsali wrote:
It was a simple question that I asked, fra nothing.
Yet you answer with many meaningless words as a distraction from the question.
Again, I ask, how can a Christian advocate action without the force of LOVE?
Again, I answer the question. Love is the Will of God. And Love is Agape. And Agape is Will. He who does Agape of God does Will of God. And Agape is not Phileo. For Phileo is of passions.

But We are not of passions. We are of Will. Agape is Will in the pure abstract conception. It is Love will a capital L in the pure idealistic Platonic sense.

Agape deals with the Kantian conceptions of the Universe which soar above pure Reason, for they are not even of the same Order.

It is the Agape of God that we Will. And Will of God is Agape. And it will conquer the world always. For it is of that which was before the foundations of the earth. It is the manifestation and presentation of God Himself. It is that primordial Will. It is Agape Triumphant.
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