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Default Re: Exorcism of Exorcisms: APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS

Marsali wrote:
Inserting the word 'Love' here and there in your posts now doesn't change anything; it doesn't make you a Christian, because you do not understand the basic concept of Christ's love. That's why you can't answer the question.
The very fact that I have Solved the cipher of Liber AL is a manifest token that Christ's Love is in me and works in me.

The is of a supernatural power of Satan. This could not have been broken except one were of Christ and in Christ.

Therefore, this Work has been accomplished by the Power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. It is beyond doubt.

And the proof of my Agape is in 'the pudding' as it were. The proof of my attainment is in the Attainment itself.

Moreover, it is the condemnation of the world. For not only does it condemn the Thelemite falsely so-called, it condemns the Apostate Christian as well.
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