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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

This is an excellent post Darkchilde ... the most

important issue is how do we get out of this

NOW mess ?

Personally I believe raising awareness is

essential because 99 percent of the sheeple don't

even know there is a problem and refuse to even

look into the facts.

This is what I have been doing on a regular basis

for over 2 years.

I email FAMOUS people with NWO information.

Why the stars ?

Because reaching 1 star can have a greater

impact that all my efforts ever could.

Also, I email top news anchors whenever

they provide an email on an issue that

touches the NWO.

So, basically I put my efforts where

I believe the most impact can come from it.

If you listen to CNN this week ... Lou Dobbs

mentioned the fact that over 100 000 people in

the US die from doctor caused mistakes. Well

the figure is actually higher than this ...

interestingly I have been hitting CNN for years on

this issue via email. Did I cause them to take

notice ? I am not sure it was me alone but if

we all did this there will be an impact.

Oh, before this, I was bombarding CNN with the

Mexican border issue and that became Lou Dobbs

mission for a long time. Another coincidence ?

I believe hundreds are doing this same thing

and its having an effect.
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