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Default Re: This space reserved for fra_nothing's poetry!

fra_nothing wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
"I don't know any other way to spell it out for you, BA. You're either too stupid to understand, or you refuse to understand."

Excuse me, IDIOT, but insulting my intelligence doesn't work to make me believe you have said anything worth understanding or even remotely comprehensible during your intrusion on this forum.

If you have something to say, say it.

You most certainly can accomplish this in one sentence or two.

I suggest you rejoin your ilk at the site where bullshit abounds.

They seem to be missing a pile.
I was not insulting your intelligence, BA. I was stating that you did not have much of it. This is not an insult, it is the truth. Your intelligence blocker is your own pride.

And I really have no problems stomping all over your pride.

Sorry, dude, but if you think you've stomped all over my pride, you're even more delusional than your posts suggest.

And, what is your reason for wanting to stomp all over my pride???

You came to this site, read my posts and decided it was your MISSION to stomp on my pride?

What? You think I shouldn't have pride?

Sorry, but I am as proud as a peacock!!!

See me strut my stuff!!

Or, is it some personal vendetta from the past? Or, perhaps, you are a "mind control" victim who is being manipulated by your handlers and they've sent you here for their own agenda against me.

That's what I suspect. You are a puppet on a string. Controlled and totally psychopathic.

And, what is your reason for being in a place where you are not wanted?

Like I said, if there's something I'm not getting, it's most certainly because you do not speak or write English and that, IDIOT, is my native tongue.

Babble, writing in tongue, jibberish and the rest of the garbage you spew is just that. GARBAGE.

Simple questions, deserve simple answers. Something you are incapable of delivering.

You will NEVER accomplish with me whatever it is you desire.

I'm not a little "china doll" and I don't play guessing games.

I'm unbreakable!!!
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