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Default Re: Exorcism of Exorcisms: APO PANTOS KAKODAIMONOS

In day afternoon I heard a calling sound
I saw a little squirrel in tree his voice rebound

Looking upward with his eyes ablaze
Cried forth the humble squirrel
And ears were opened, and I amaze
One word spoke he to the world

Call! said the squirrel
Call! Call! Call!

Calm! O little creature!
Be not so alarmed!
But more O such and deeper
None his words disarmed!

Call! Call! Call!

And man's ears were opened to nature once again
Even as it was in beginning so shall be the end

For both heaven and nature sing
For Sons of Light in Liberty
And resound forth and ring

'Bind us all together
Ablaze with hope, and free!'

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