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Default Re: War on Drugs is operation to eliminate competition

"And how did it happen? Rodney Stich
used to be an FAA investigator. After
many years and continuous reports of
airline maintenance abuse and negligence,
Rodney Stich became a whistleblower.
Because of the powerful forces he had
challenged, he was set up, falsely charged
and imprisoned. During his "diesel
therapy" (being constantly moved from one
federal prison to another so there would be
no time for him to file court appeals), he
met and interviewed other whistleblowers
from other agencies. Rather quickly he
accumulated enough information to write
Defrauding America."

You know, I'm gettin' really sick and tired of people being set-up, framed, locked-up, killed, bankrupted, character assassinated, imprisoned, etc., etc., etc., when they SPEAK OUT about our corrupt government.

Our leadership is comprised of men who don't pull the trigger, but hire others to pull the trigger for them!!

Don't slaughter innocents in war, but train our men and women in the military to act as their "killing machines" all in the name of FREEDOM.

And, the price for FREEDOM???

There is no price for freedom.

In their book, FREEDOM equals DEATH!!!

And, all the Iraqi people who have been killed and wounded.

Are they enjoying their freedom now?
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