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Default Re: Interview with Paul and Phillip Collins on A Closer Look - A MUST LISTEN!

Evidently, you did not even listen to the interview. If you had, you would have taken note of the historical precedents concerning racial dialetics, which further the globalist agenda.

"the enemy is globalist sponsored illegal immigration, not 'racism'."

Wrong. Racism is globalist-sponsored because it facilitates divisive identity politics. Yes, illegal immigration is a problem. However, a racist backlash against it is NOT the solution. Racism only further confuses the issue of border integrity and national sovereignty.

"A volatile reaction against mass foreign immigration is to be expected, except you're calling that the 'disease' when in fact it's the auto-immune response."

Wrong. Expected or unexpected, a volatile reactions is neither acceptable nor helpful. Responding with hate is just as bad as allowing the problem to persist.

"the pillars of human identity against one worldism tyrany in the exclusive forms of race, nation, family, and religion are indeed 'hang ups'."

The contention that human identity is derived from race is inherently collectivistic. It presupposes that one derives their intrinsic value from some ethnic group instead of themselves. This is not antithetical to "one worldism." In fact, it synchronizes rather comfortably with the new world order's neo-tribalism.

As for nation, religion, and family, these only define one's personal identity to certain extent. Moreover, while they are valid institutions, none of them are designed to justify irrational hatred towards others.

"it reminds me of when liberal arts types say 'don't hate' or 'don't discriminate' (i.e. don't have a value system) when they shove a new perverse idea of theirs."

To be sure, some worthwhile value systems prescripe some hatred, but only of evil principles and precepts. The Devil is an equal opportunity employer and his agents are of all races, colors, and creeds. To attempt to relocate evil within a single ethnicity is to presuppose that evil has an exclusively genetic (and, by extension, material) cause. This is materialism of the most depraved sort. It ignores the spiritual origin of man's woes and attempts to restrict the battle between good and evil to this ontological plane. Hence, we have the numerous seek and destroy campaigns of this century (the war on drugs, the war on guns, the war on class distinctions, etc.).

"Treat the real disease (Globalist sponsored illegal immigration), not the symptom."

You do not specify any real "treatment." Yet, you seem very comfortable with border violence and racism. If these are your "treatments," then don't expect the problem to go away. Instead, you are providing the power elite with a politically expedient racial dialectic. Such racial dialectics effectively camouflaged the conspiracy behind the OKC bombing.

The real treatment is immigration policy reform, not anti-immigration racism.

You are entitled to your views. However, I fail to see how they help to solve the problem.
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