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Default Re: Liberals vs Conservatives on this forum.

Ahmad, if those words were too strong, I apologize, but at least it got you out of your cut-and-paste didactics.
I see -- and have always seen -- a general pattern amongst those would try to impose particular belief systems upon others. And I see alarming parallels between theses tactics and the mind control techniques of the NWO. That is what I am saying.
Even though you tell me that Jesus was not worthy of worship, I do not recall him ever using any of these stratagems to convert followers; rather they were instinctively drawn to him out of the love that he emanated and a genuine interest in the truths that he preached.
I have listened intently to what you have had to say about "submission", and frankly I discern no epiphany to this point.
Most religions teach submission to their gods, just as Jesus explained in his first great commandment: "Love God with all your heart, soul and mind."
In Satan's world, however, only a certain amount of submission is possible, as Jesus said once again, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Casesar's and to God the things that are God's." Yet always comes a point when we are confronted directly by evil amd must oppose it to defend ourselves. The number of righteous martyrs througout history makes me dubious of the notion that God puts a magic shield around all of us who submit to him completely; however, his grace, love and spiritual strength are always there for us to draw upon in any crisis.
Idolatry is a major form of sin, no question, but the worst form of idolatry is unreasoning commitment to dogma, something else that Jesus etablished by flying in the faces of the Pharisees and their moribund traditions and rituals. You say that Christianity and Islam are idolatrous religions because their followers worship their two major prophets, Jesus and Mohammed, as well as the God they represent. (Actually I don't; I consider Christ and the Holy Spirit of the Trinity as conduits to God Himself, but that is splitting theosophical hairs.)
Yet your religion encompasses numerology, long considered a form of idolatry (and occultism) within conventional Judeao-Christian theology. You claim everything is "jake" with your particular version of the Koran because it keeps rolling "lucky nineteens".
I'm sorry, but I'm just not connecting this all together in a way that shows me any unique structure. Maybe my "jimboys" are doing the driving, but your road signs are still confusing, obscure and contradictory.
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