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Default Re: Interview with Paul and Phillip Collins on A Closer Look - A MUST LISTEN!

"Support the minutemen, deport the illegals, and stop parroting the whorish corporate media."

Again, you have not listened to the interview. The informaion presented in it is not something you will hear on CNN or MSNBC. I am not parroting the "whorish corporate media."

I wish I could support the Minute Men. The cause initially appeared genuine and, no doubt, many of the lower level adherents are genuine. However, men like Glenn Spencer have been tied with individuals like John Tanton, a major proponent of population control. Spencer has absolutely no qualms with Tanton's Malthusian rhetoric.

Tanton was a member of Zero Population Growth, an organization devoted to global depopulation efforts. ZPG was founded by Paul Ehrlich, who peddles phony eschatological claims of an impending Malthusian catastrophe. Ehrlich's wife is also a member of the Club of Rome, another elite machination.

Tanton also acted as president of Michigan's Planned Parenthood, which is historically connected with the eugenics movement. With the continuity of the population control and eugenic themes running through Tanton's work, I think it becomes clear what his true agenda concerning illegal immigration is.

Tanton's network of organizations are gradually subsuming the Minute Men movement. Thus, what began as a genuine cause in maintaining America's border integrity is in danger of being perverted.

It would be incredibly helpful if Jim Gilchrist would come forward and denounce such individuals. Why he hasn't is beyond me. Meanwhile, the Minute Men continues to follow a dangerous trajectory.

"Crying about racism is a total Red Herring in light of an ILLEGAL INVASION OF TENS OF MILLIONS."

To assert that racism is a "Red Herring" is to overlook not only a legitimate problem, but elite criminality as well. The power elite have been employing racial dialectics for years. To assume that the Minute Men movement is immune to such subversion is the height of hubris.

"What imaginary violence have the minutemen ever perpetuated?"

I never asserted that they were guilty of any violence. Evidently, in addition to not listening to the interview, you also did not read my post. No, the Minute Men have not perpetrated any acts of violence. Let's hope it stays that way. However, the potential for the Minute Men being radicalized is real. White supremacists are historically militant individuals. If they successfully co-opt the Minute Men, then the organization could develop a paramilitary auxillary.

"How about the true border violence that is los zetas gangs killing people on both sides of the border, which according to prisonplanet have amounted to over 600 deaths IN ONE MONTH."

You're only making my argument. These gangs and other Chicano supremacists are being financed by the Ford Foundation and other elite organs. If the Minute Men are radicalized, then they could be pitted against the radical Marxist Chicano movements. This would facilitate a politically expedient racial dialectic.

You don't have to take my word for it. Do the research for yourself.
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