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Default Re: What are illuminati and Freemasonry?

Vampire wrote:
Can someone elaborate in detail that what is all this thing abt? are the some sort of SECT. or what?
will be thankfull who will lessen my misery by lettin me know .. :P..

Sure, Vampire. I'd love to elaborate on the Illuminati and Freemasons for you.

These are folks who get spiritual stakes driven through their cold, dead hearts by Christians.

The Illuminati are those who get thrown in the Lake of Fire and the Pit of Hellfire and Damnation.

Do the Christians care about them? No. Not at all. In fact, the Bible even says that they will be tormented forever and ever in the presence of the holy angels.

This is well pleasing in our Eyes. The Illuminati deserves eternal destruction. This gives us a feeling of glee and satisfaction. It is a soothing aroma and a well pleasing sacrifice.

Damn, damn, damn the Illuminati.

Thank you.
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