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Default Re: Your thoughts on evolution?

Why don't you guys cut and paste for once (sarc).. to defend the indefensible.. that the earth is only 6,000 years old?..

What religious zealots have done for the last couple of thousand years is impede the truth of how our universe really works.

Religion and dogma stinks. And so do those that proclaim that they have the only "truth"..

We are currently in a state of de-evolution.. Where the best and brightest of all of our societies are being fed into a war machine.. Essentially destroying the very brightest and able people who should survive, and contribute to get us to the stars and beyond.

But that is not the plan of the NWO.. No, their plan is to destroy the ability of us to become a part of the galactic federation.. Their goal is to stop us from evolving to the stellar realms..

The NWO has decided to thwart our progress towards intergalactic co-operation and instead make themselves very rich and powerful on this one planet.. Earth.

They have done this using the treacherous lies of religion, and dogma, written thousands of years ago with no substance in history that is verifiable..

It is as if an alien race of beings is supporting the NWO, totally devoid of humanity and trying to stop our integration into the cosmic proliferation of new beings, co-operating with each other.

The people in back of the NeoComs (Neo-Communists).. Are the spawn of Satan.. one of the 23 separate members of extra terrestrial beings that play into our sphere..

The number 23 comes up because that is the number of angels that "The BlackkBook" claims.

Within each of us there are 23 chromosomes..

There are 23 different angels, and Satan is just one of them??.. Coincidence anyone?

I believe there is an Angel of faith that can turn a mountain into dust just by believing. That angel, is in us, and has just as much power as Satan..

All Angels are equal in their powers, and also, Like I have said before.. We live in a four dimensional universe, as far as we are concerned.. And yet the other dimensions have no meaning to us because we are blind to them..

I am suggesting that The NWO is a plot by one of the Angels (Satan) to subvert the plan for our emergence with the inter galactics..

Who the religionists proclaim as their God.
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