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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

Home schooling?

30% of Nova Scotian churches are home-schooled.

What does this create. 30% of the population will not socialise very well, as they have not been taught to. Plain and simple.

The home school literature looks nice and smart and Christian and it is laed with evangelical bullshit.

I believe, Halifax Nazi Scotia to be a shining example for what a NWO city is to be. A complete crock of sewage infested, drug running, money pilfering/laundering nighmare of incest and molestation, racism and ignorance.

Fraud... it is all fraud is my books. The illusion is bullshit. When you can't blind em' with science, you baffle em' with bullshit. Someone said that somewhere along the road...

Banks = Insurance - they have united
Insurance policies we all need: car, life, mortgage, medical, dental... pedophilia?

Banks insure pedophiles. They do. It is a fact. As an institution, you can buy a pedophile policy. How sick is that? More specifically, what kind of ignorance is that?

I believe my bank account is my number of the beast. That is what I honestly believe. They have my sin(social insurance) number, they can read my tax returns, my doctor's notes, my credit... there is nothing they cannot access by the information they demand to retain.

I have to figure out a way to live without a bank account... I am sure I can.

Back on track... this forum breeds creative thought through intelligent minds debating the various issues. A think tank, if you will.

Home schooled children do not benefit from being closed off socially from their peers. It really is not a good idea. Responsible socialed education is a must for a healthy society.

Just because capitalism is a complete fraud and a front for communism and the NWO way of life, does not mean we have to throw the baby out with the bath water. Education is good when teachers and schools and parents and societies are acountable.

This would be achievable, I believe, given taxes were level across the playing field after a reasonable amount, and completely open-accounting of city and provincial monies.

I really could be done if the checks and balances were put in place to safeguard the good of education and the non-pilfrage of people's donations towards society.

Mary XXX
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