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Default Re: Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism

The libertarian philosophy
does not really give much legitimacy
to the terms "left-wing"
or "right-wing" or "republican" or "democrat"
because those
terms have no real, objective meaning.
8-) Oh really so what would you say if i was to direct you to these sites which are by Rights, valid libertarian links:

Still no left right legitimacy ay Rush?.

A libertarian would categorise
issues more in terms of
freedom and liberty,
versus bondage and coercion.
Yeh just like any Anarchist would say, as if a middle aged Neo con like yourself has some kind of monopoly on that attitude!.

Here Ozziepsycho, take this political quiz:
I Dont need to!Because i can tell you straight as i have told you once before I am Paleoconservative Socialist!. :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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