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Default Indictments tomorrow - 1019 [ 911 in there ]

October 18, 2005 -- In a rare public announcement by the spokesman for CIA leak special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald, Randall Samborn said that if and when there are any announcements in the case, they will be made from Washington, not Chicago where Fitzgerald serves as U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois. Samborn is the Public Information Officer for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago. Fitzgerald has been detailed to Washington during his two and a half year investigation of the CIA leak matter. There is speculation that the announcements of indictments will come on Wednesday, October 19. The Grand Jury will be seated on Wednesday and its mandate is due to expire on October 28 unless it is extended, which a number of informed observers doubt will occur.

Will there be a 911 type distraction.
fra_nothing says??? earthquake in California
at 9:09 in morning. :~)

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