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Default Re: Would They Hang Out In These Places In Perth West Oz?

Ozziecynic wrote:
:-? The Question is though, why framan why would they being doing this or why are you attempting to do it!?. :-?
I know for a fact that this is an OTO site.

I'm attempting to tell you this so that you can learn something of how OTO works in this world.

OTO does this to

1. Create and artificially manufactored sense of 'persecution'.

2. Creates 'chaos'. And out of 'chaos' comes order. I mean, out of YOUR chaos comes THEIR order.

3. Creates false sense of fear that it is not safe to 'defame' the OTO.

None of these things are real, of course. OTO is playing with the wand of Mercury.

Their unreligion requires it: "Let the word be bound in chaos."
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