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Default Porno, Sexual Manipulation, and Illuminati

So, here I am, Frater Nothing. I'm born into a world full of corruption, debauchery, vice of every kind.

When Frater Nothing is 13 he is handed a Hustler catalog by one of his fellow 13 year old seventh graders.

Thence, Frater Nothing plunges into the world of sexual manipulation. Fra N. learned how to rub his penis up and down and make semen drop out. He sees pictures a naked woman and men. These human beings are fucking one another like rabbits.

Frater N. grows up. Frater N. wonders why the world seems so upside down. This internet thing has gotten going. Now the porno comes in his email. Frater N. doesn't want it. Well, it still 'kicks it into gear', but really, he doesn't want it.

Frater N. searches the world. Frater N. finds out about a real conspiracy by the 'powers that be' to break down society as a whole. Frater N. sees these effects in his own family. Frater N. realizes that the powers have been wanting to turn him into a pussy whiped weakling from before the time he was born.

Yet Frater N. wants his own wife. Frater N. wants to stick his penis into a pure vagina. Frater N. wants a 'normal' family the way God intended.

But Frater N. discovers that nearly all the females are as brainwashed as the males. They have been trained to demand that a young man be pussy whiped.

Frater N. is pissed. Frater N. wants to use his brain to destroy his enemies that have destroyed the world. Frater N. is LIVID.

Frater N. receives emails that show pictures of horses sticking their dong-dong into some glamourous super-model type. Frater N. almost hurls he is so sick! Frater N. is PISSED!

Frater N. hears of the sexual manipulation done by the Illuminati. Frater N. doesn't give a rat crap!

I've heard it all. I'm convinced that we even had an Illuminati speaker at the university I went to. He went on and on and on about how addictive pornography was. SO addictive in fact, you could never stop! It was almost like he was enjoying that fact.

Then there are those who say it takes years of professional therapy to break free from sexual abuse and manipulation. BULLSHIT! All you have to do is get your head back on straight and understand that God never intended all this crap to be pushed down our throat.

So if your like me, and have grown up in the sesspool of debauch, then DAMN THEIR EYES!

Why should I feel bad anymore about being manipulated into stroking my dick whenever I've had some elite pencil pusher trying to make the rules!

Pornography is horrible. It's horrible because it is such an outrage against nature and God's intention.

If you've been sexually manipulated then stop feeling shame (and frankly, who the hell hasn't?) Believe in Christ, get baptized, and breath the free air. He is able to forgive you and clean you up spiritually and mentally. But it has to be spiritual. The weapons they used against us were spiritual. The only cure is by the Great Physician Jesus Christ.

And whatever you do, don't go to a damned sex therapy group session! Those people are so horny they can barely stand up. In fact, talking and yammering on and on about how 'wickedly perverse' all of it was, makes it even worse.

So, screw those bastards! We were not born to be perverts. And if big brother wants to know my penis habbits, then I'll be happy to give it back to them in their face.

Thank you.

--Fra N.

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