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Default Re: Porno, Sexual Manipulation, and Illuminati

Bouncer wrote:
Thanks, i'm glad you got that off your chest, er, so to speak.

So if they can't rape your body, they try to rape your mind? Sounds like some people i know.

And to be frank, fra, when we dream and imagine and fantasize (the contents are at the discretion of the dreamer) we are learning to relax and enter a self-controlled state that combines control of both the intellectual mind and the emotional mind. They do not want us to be in control of our emotional minds because that is the target of 99.99% of their manipulation and control.

So if you'll excuse me, i'm due for a mental tune-up. See you in two minutes.
I don't know who you're preaching at, Bouncer. You told me you were a Satanist! YOU ARE the problem!

Here's another thing. I don't know why people are getting so worried about Homosexual marriage (?). I'm 100% against it, of course.

But here's the thing: I've got emails that come to me of just raw, unabashed beastiality.

I know who's sending them. Why get so worried about the sodomites when you've got people actively fucking Lammas?

Goat fucking. Chicken fucking. Horse fucking. Donkey fucking. Hell, I don't know, they might even be Elephant fucking!

Who knows!? The sky's the limit when you get to this point!

DAMN THEM! They are going down! For they have corrupted all the earth!

Where does the Constitution of the United States of America ever give a person the right TO FUCK A DOG!?

That's not really the question, though. The real question is, how are We the People going to send these hellbent perverts straight to Gehena?
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