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Default Re: Are The Goyim Stupid ?

don't give the askenazi/kazar jews credit where none is due. just read the old testament and you will know who they decided to serve. its there father satan who is directing them via the iluminati. he is the master planner and director.

the conspiracy is far to broad and its timeline much to great for it to be in human hands, they just follow orders take the money and sex as a fringe. The serve there god mamon the same one that made them sacrifice children back in the old testament.

ever wonder why jewdism only teach the torah and not the rest of the old testament? its because it portrays them as idiots ever fumbling and most important of all it states there rejection of God and aceptance of satan as there leader

those noble prize winners, the nobel organization, the science authorities that nominate are part of the masonic/iluminati groups.

prior to the 20th century how many jews excelled in science, art and liturature? maybe a few if any only after they had dominance over the media has the world started to hear about such a thing.

you must realize that the rothchild money has been used since the 19th century to buy what ever they need to control society and all has been purchased interest free by jews associated with he rothchilds.

most jews excell in language skills, a by product of there constant search to circumvent the laws given to them through moses. but they are so stupid that they have not relized that they have converted the original 10 laws into more than 600.

no the jews are not brighter nor more intlligent they just want us to belive it, its part of te game.
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