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Default Re: I think another powerful force besides 'feminism' that the illuminati have used is urbanization


What happens when you put people in Roach Hotels aka appartments? One thing that happens is that they are totally dependent on the 'system'.

There is no land to grow food on. The system is linked together like a chain. They want to make you a slave dependent on WAL MART. It's pure communisim.

Now think about this. Here is it's weakness and fall. The System is linked together so much so that one 'industry' directly affects another. This is good, because it opens up the possibility to create a reverse 'charge' in the flow of the currency that will actually create a domino effect of calapse. It's a house of cards! It's built on nothing but sand.

They have taken away land. They have taken, systematically and silently, all things that could give independent survival to a man and his family.

Now they have you in a corner. They have you where they want you. Now take your stand, and CALL THEM OUT!

It will surely work. For it is not of Fear, but Virtue. It is Freewill breaking the chains of Bondage!

Their tower will collapse fromt the inside out. It must! It was only built on the principle of slavery.

But once Liberty, TRUE LIBERTY has arisen, Woe to the House of Cards!

You can "blow wind from your mouth" and destroy it!
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