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Default Re: I think another powerful force besides 'feminism' that the illuminati have used is urbanization

To understand the urbanization of an Illuminist, take a 'Pharoah's Eye-view' on the situation.

Look at the Pharoahs of old. Where are they? They are dead and gone forever. They are sand in a desert.

They built monuments to last unto the Aeons. But what is this I see?

Look! Lo and behold, Castles made of Sand! Pyramids of dust!

Blow on them hard enough, and shatter them in ten thousands of shards or ruin and dispersion!

Jesus Christ was One and his disciples Twelve in number. And 13 in 1 destroyed the greatest empire ever known to mankind!

America, Novus Ordo Seclorum, UN, is no different. Pharoahs of dirt are they! Pyramids of dust they build! Castles fashioned out of shifting sand destroyed by water, wind, fire and spirit!

Now take a 'Moses Eye View'. Was Moses not heir to the throne? Was not Moses trained in all the Wisdom of Egypt?

We shall call them out! For they are kings of clay. Strike them with the Sword of Spirit and watch them blow away!

Swords were not made to tickle one under the ribs. Swords were made to plunge to the Hilt!

'The tongue is a fire,' writes Apostle James. 'It sets on Fire the Wheel of Nature and is set on Fire from Hell. Oh how great a flame is kindled with but a spark of the tongue!'

Now if these things be so of but One tongue, what if the creation itself groaned for the Liberation of the Sons of Light?

Would it not be so? Surely, beyond doubt is shall be so. For it is God who said 'Let there be Light, and there was Light.' And it is God who has called Light out of Darkness that the Light of God should shine within us by the Face of Jesus Christ!'
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