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Default Re: so what's the story about soy bean producing excess estrogen in the body?

What's the deal. I notice what others sometimes do not. I see what others sometimes do not.

Whether it is a gift or created from sensory deprivation, I do not know.

However, I see a pattern of women unable to reproduce.

Thinking about the study re: a certain amount of soy ingested being equal to 5x birth control pills or something to that effect.

It's posted on this link by Thumper.

Invitro fertilization clinics abound. Multiples are many times a product of this procedure.

Egg donors, sperm donors. What? Are we all going to be genetically related to one another at a distant time in future.

Is this population reduction. Sterilization in process?

Just some thoughts. Have to think it through further.
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