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Default Re: Is Bible more History or Prophecy?

The Bible is indeed both. It tells a lot of history in order to teach us how God ordained events in order to fulfill his plan of redemption thru the life and sacrifice of Jesus. It also is a book of history because it tries to give us examples of common people and their relationship with God. In this aspect, the Bible is very candid, since it never hides the flaws of people, like David or Moses.
It is also a book of prophecy. There are dozens of prophecies that Jesus fulfilled and that could only have been fulfilled by Him, in order to prove that He was who He said He was.
And, of course, there are the end times prophecies. It is important to notice that prophecies are not as crucial for a christian as obeying the commands of Christ.
What I mean is: even if you don`t have a clue about prophecy but believes in Christ and lives a good, honest life, you will be fine. That`s why Jesus warned that nobody will know exactly the time of His coming...we are not supposed to live in function of it, but we are to read the general signs.

About the Iluminatti using the Bible...they can use anything for their purposes, but it takes a very prejudiced person for not seeing that the commands of Christ are just, good and only result in a better loving life for all.

For a good and seious Christian perspective on End Times I recommend:

All the best !
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