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Default Re: a religious free thread...can it be done? Democracy and freedom.

Mary.. I have a conspiracy theory of why the Ukraine deal happened..

First of all Putin pissed off the Rothschilds by throwing one of his minions that they financially backed during the privatization of Russia, under that drunkin' Yeltson.. into prison.. for tax evasion of $23 billion. note

That pissed off the neocons (Israelis) that run the government of the U.S.. (With approval of the Rothies who own Israel)

So a bomb kills a bunch of children in the school.. and according to the Russians.. The organizers of the attack are the Rothies.. They used their Massad unit to do the deed.

Putin goes to Israel to ask for help in anti terrorism.. (extortion)

So the elections come up in the Ukraine's and the bums in the western section of their country.. ( no money is ever created there)..

George Sorros and the other international money changers that represent the NWO.. have been overturning democratically elected governments for that last fifty years, to suit the Rothies.

The economy of the Eastern Ukraine is where the wealth is produced in that county.. The eastern Ukrainians want to keep on making money.. they like the other guy.. and their language is Russian

All of the Yushchenko people of his orange revolution were paid by the NWO.. or NGO's.. to revolt against the winner of the election, if he happened to be pro Russian.

The NWO hates Putin, and is trying to destroy that nation.. Because Putin said that the Russian natural resources should be for the Russians instead of the Devil and his minions.. Russia lost 30 million White Christian Russians to these internationalist creeps.. during Communism.. He drew the line in the sand.. Good for him.

Viktor Yushchenko is the puppet of the NWO.. being lured in by the EU.. also controlled by the Rothies.. He is wanted for looting the nation of his birth, and his fellow politicians are worse.

Democracy as I see it is not a joke.. It is the crime of the century.. and perpetrators of it should be hung..

Democracy and public opinion are controlled by the press.. We are slaves to what we read and believe to be true.. Let's forget about political elections and just elect the editors of our news sources.

It's all media manipulation by NWO that own all of the news.. They don't like the internet..
After the next big "terrorist attack", we will shut it down in the name of National Security.

That's my conspiracy theory.

Damn I had names and daTes before my text editor went down.. I can prove this stuff.

And that is just the first question...gotta go to diner.
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