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Default Re: I think another powerful force besides 'feminism' that the illuminati have used is urbanization

You're so right, Thumper, about the Illuminati subverting the natural lives we were intended to lead.
I think it began back in the 1800's (maybe 1700's) when it was realized that farmers aren't easily controlled because they are their own bosses. And the women who supported them on the farm also had much responsibilty. Boys learned how to be men because they worked along-side their fathers. Families were strong back then, that's why the Illuminati had to do something about it.

In the early to mid 1900's, some farmers got greedy by listening to the so-called farming 'experts,' who maintained that farmers had to buy as much land as possible, along with all the latest (and expensive) farm machinery.
Farmers over-extended themselves, and became terribly in-debt. Hence, many farms went under.

This problem didn't happen to the Amish, who never bought into the need for more land and machinery.

Now, most of us are detatched from the natural world that our great-grandparents lived so closely with. The more dependent we are on others to grow our food, sew our clothes, raise our children (day care and schools), the more easily we're controlled.

Sorry to go off on a tangent here, folks...this is a subject I've been interested in for some time.
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