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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?


I agree in one aspect of what you say . . . believe and pray to God.

But, to just totally rely on him for everything in unrealistic. I needed money to buy a car, so I can be able to take my wife and child to the doctor just in case I needed to . . . God granted me the ability to buy a car because I went to get a job. If I sat on my ass, would that have made me the money to buy that car?

We have a saying, us Catholics . . . God helps those that help themselves. You have to put forth effort in order for God to assist you in achieving what you need. God will give you assistance, but he will not hand anything to you outight.

So whose to say that while I'm on my knees one night praying, some NWO shithead won't shoot me execution style? Sure, I may go to heaven, but how can I teach my daughter about God if I'm gone? Who will assist my daughter to become a righteous person . . . who does good FOR God, in the name of God?

Getting down on my knees and praying is one of the things I do every night, but it is not the only thing to do. David asked for God to guide his hand true, and then he had to pick up the sling and rock and slay Goliath.

So, please . . . instead of giving the same message of total submission to God, reccomend something we can do to actually FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE DJIN HIDDEN IN OUR GOVERNMENTS. It truly seems that you have a problem in your life, where you are SO laid back that God will take care of it all for you. He will not.

See a big thing in the roman catholic church was to have people sit in church for HOURS on a Sunday, while they compile evidence of their next big witch hunt.

It is not necessary to stay on your knees and pray all day. I believe that all God wants to see from us is that we think about him in our actions. A quick prayer before one drives to the extent of, "Lord, please let me make it home okay. Amen." is all he wants from us. To repeat the same prayers everyday, ie, for the Christian . . . the Our Father . . . I would think for a God that knows all and sees all, the same prayer everyday would be a bore, and therefore ignored . . . we all know the words, and after a time, the same group of words in the same order kinda loses its meaning. Something quick and from the heart . . . something that you TRULY mean is worth more than 10 strings of Rosary Beads.

I think that I have asked for enough help over the years. Sometimes the answer was yes, and sometimes no.

But would you like to really KNOW what total submission and faith to God is . . . going INTO a battle against the Devil, with nothing more than a, "lord guide my hand to be true," and going right into the fight with that prayer in your heart, and a belief that God will give you the right mind to fight through while making the right tactical dicisions, without allowing you to die.

We can battle this God-less government of ours with God on our side, but unless we do something about it ourselves, there will be nothing there for God to help us out with.

Now I understand your faith is that strong . . . but God's creations are the voice through which God speaks . . . we need to carry his words, and if our actions are right, then the true will of God will be done, through us, and by His grace.

Hell, for all we know, God WANTS us to have a central Earth Government . . . but I'm sure that He didn't want it done in this way, and I KNOW that all of the seven deadly sins that this Government represents is not part of His plan either.

So to anyone who TRULY thinks that all they have to do is lie down and do nothing and leave it in His hands . . . do me a BIG favor . . . and say one for me too . . . I'll be too busy trying to CARRY OUT Gods PURPOSE for my being here to put my head down and stick my ass in the air for the rest of my life, just waiting for our problems to correct themselves.

You wanna know who the TRUE sheeple are? They're the ones who are corralled into a church. They're the ones who are TRULY like sheep . . . who do NOTHING while relying on the MASTER to provide them with everything they need, at no cost of their own. Do you know what happens to the sheep? They are tagged and branded, and then shorn of their wool, and killed to be eaten. And they do nothing to prevent their inevitable slaughter by their shepherd.

Don't be a sheep . . . live like ALL of God's creations.

Live with the FIRE of your creative passions, and breate in the name of God.

Live with a WATER-like adaptation, so no matter what vessel your life may seem like, your can adjust easily and make the best of it, due to God's will, because you are His Creation.

Live with and EARTHEN foundation, that nothing but the Lord can crumble your mountainous will to do what's right.

Live with the AIR, the breath of life, in your lungs which your creative fire needs to burn, that your wooden love for life both uses from the fire, and further enriches the fire at the same time.

Live with a WOODEN love for life, and for God, so that your water adaptation can blossom the tree of your soul, so that when your creative fire needs kindling, you have the fuel for it, and so that your Earthen fortitude can be further held in place with the roots of your wisdom of right and wrong. . . that, ironicly that came from the original sin . . . will help you to serve God better anyway.


Love your enemy enough so that when he BEGS for mercy, you can assure that your soul will be saved when you show him mercy, and allow him the rest of his life to see the light, to gain God's will and forgivness for himself. After all, what better way is there to serve God, than by showing your enemies to Him, and then save them from themselves?



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