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Default Re: so i'm beginning to read the Protocols of Zion...

Leviathan wrote:
The Protocols are still in effect and though the standard printed works are archaic in some points there are newer versions that incorporate the current thoughts of the "elite". These versions include the newer elements added to the mix such as technology, climate change and programing through visual and auditory media. The designers of the protocols and the proponents of the protocols are not amateurs, but truly intent on realizing an agent agenda. we suggest that a reader of these works do so in a profoundly serious way. The reader will see many of the plans herein come to fruition unless knowledge of them can be used to derail them.
I wasn't talking about the Illuminati, Leviathan! I mean that the CHRISTIANS are Light Years beyond the Protocals.

Not only has the Mystery of Iniquity been ripped to shreds on every way, shape, and form. We are actively defying you and commanding the powers of the earth to make their final war.

I care nothing about what the Illuminati is doing anymore. They have been crushed in theory. We call them out to be crushed in practice.

We are done with them! We are finished with this world! WE'RE LEAVING! And we're taking everyone with us! Albeit, THEY are not going in the same direction that we are.
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