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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

Thwart plans?
Good ?. 1st off I wouldn't recommend doing anything that you would'nt do to yourself, I know it's tempting to commit some Monkey Wrenching but we have to live in the way we want the world to be. Golden Rule is worthy of effort, at least on behalf of other individuals.

I will not steal from MegaloMart but I would do every else possible to break this company down. The only reason I don't steal from them is cuz I don't want to get caught, I live in Pharoahs world and therefore must proceed with caution and try to remain anonymous. As far as I'm concerned The Golden Rule applies to individuals not Governments or Major Corporations.
Honestly I don't think much can really be done to thwart these devils, writing letters, voting etc... are unfortunatly just a waste of my time and these actions imply I agree with the system.

Mary, Good for you not paying taxes. In the US I believe eventually you'd end up in jail. More power to you but, Good luck with that!

Dark childe, Your thoughts on prayer are generally right on, but I would add, Prayer is for Thanks and Praise for God-Simple as that. And No, Do Not Forgive your enemies, Serious enemies will just be given another chance to commit their crimes on me next or you. Serious crime and corruption cannot be forgiven. You cannot honestly think that Child rapists ever should be forgiven, for instance. Or Corporate raiders will not simply move on to their next victim if they are forgiven and released. I proclaim this line about forgiving our enemies was placed in the Bible by the Devils themselves in order that they may be given a way out. Don't give in to their pleas for mercy because I may be their next victim and I will not forgive you for that mercy.
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