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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

ahmad.. Despite my put downs.. I think you have a message.. I am in kind of agreement with your message.. Total submission to the will of God, or in your case Allah.. same thing.

Here is my bone of contention.. If a person does not know what the will of God/Allah is.. Are they vacant beings, because they have not focused their prayers, on asking that they walk in the paths laid out by their master God/Allah?..

Only when we are aware, and have trained/disciplined our minds, hearts, and souls to follow in the path of righteousness thru prayer, are we able to submit and make a contribution, thru our submission that will engage us in the fight everlasting for Heaven to be on Earth.. Our submission being meant to mean letting God/Allah (In your religion) taking over our destinies.

To submit without prayer/understanding.. is to surrender.. to evil.

To surrender to our own instincts is to encourage Mammon... We need to be trained in meaningful prayer.

I Guess.
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