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Default Re: Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism

All you LaRouche Youths are confused nuts.
I can't believe they allow dumbed-down
thickheads like yourself in university.
Go into a closet and suck eggs.
8-) What is this stuff about larouche? I have no connection to la rouche or his movement!.You are deluded beyond belief mushcoony!.Still know that you mention it, be my guest why not get in contact with the Larouche movement in Quebec or BC or where ever you are, and tell them your thoughts i am sure they would love to hear from you, just make sure you get ready for several years of harrasment both to yourself and your family!. They dont get called a political cult for nothing you know they just love their adverseries and you quiche tart would make the perfect target!.

As for university i have made it in my country so good for me it is better to have made something than made nothing which i am presuming is your reality as you appear to have a big chip on your shoulder about my success and your lack of it!!So what exactly is it you do again White trash come delusional yuppie or are you all talk and no productive action!.

Get a job in the construction industry
and become a producer rather than a parasite
living off of honest people's money.
Down with LaRouchies!
Down with Ozziecoercion!
Wrong again dip shit I have spent several years in blue collar occupations supporting my self before I decided to go to university as a mature age student.I have worked as Warehouse Storeperson and as Landscaping trades apprentice similar i assume to your idea of construction industry except i worked for a small business not some kind of construction conglomerate!.
So i have done plenty of ordinary jobs quiche tart it is infact you who is the soft cock that has never done a physical days work in your life i bet!.The evidence to me is clear you must be Jewish. The corpse of Ayn awaits your embrace I think it is time to catch your cattle truck you are late. :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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