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Default Re: What are some REALISTIC ways to thwart plans?

Like I said before . . .

Those who want to just kneel down and pray . . . say a prayer for me as I go into battle with these sons-a-bitches.

And for whoever said that I shouldn't suggest something that I wouldn't do . . . I've done a hell of a lot more than pray in these last few weeks.

I've noticed a lot of people bringing the news of the truth to this forum . . . and I applaud those who have done so. But knowledge cannot be used as power to put this evil into the ground if the power is not put to good use.

And as far as total submission to God . . . submit to God your soul and your deeds . . . and pray that he leads you to do the right things at the right time. Total submission to God doesn't necessarilly mean you sit on your ass. DO SOMETHING! If you feel that writing letters and making phone calls or sending emails or hanging fliers does no good . . . then do something that YOU BELIEVE WILL DO GOOD!

I've seen countless opinions. Some I agree with, some I don't. Its all good. And like I said before . . . if all you want to do is sit, and pray, and do nothing else, that means the NWO will win, because you're doing nothing to stop them. . .

Remember, God gave the earth to Satan so he could tempt us . . . and thereby test us to see if we are worthy, through all the shit, to go to heaven or not. My personal belief . . . if you do not thwart evil, especially if you have the CHANCE . . . then you're, for lack of a better analogy, neither on the light or dark side of the 'force'.

Now this is my OPINION. And I just wanted to clear up what I meant . . . so I'll say it one more time . . .


Lemme tell you who said, "don't suggest what you won't do," what happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday, I stepped in front of a .45 caliber handgun . . . and wether I actually saved the girl from her boyfriend or not, I don't know . . . but the point is, I made SURE she didn't die. I talked the guy down. And I prayed with him while the police were summoned. And as he heard the sirens, he tried to run. Knowing that he had to be removed from the situation in order to further assure that his woman didn't get the brunt of his frustrations, I pistol whipped him. I could have shot the sunuvabitch, but I'm not a murderer. I took his original plan and I thwarted it.

I'm not suggesting that anyone do anything that sends them to prison . . . unless they are willing to make such a public statement of such an extreme level, and if they are willing to go to jail for it . . . and so long as it doesn't mean killing somebody. I used the proverb of David and Goliath, I know, I know . . . I was wrong for putting it as such a literal sense. What I meant was, even one person can make a difference, if they throw the stone and hit the right gear in the machine. If anyone has seen John Grisham's The Rainmaker . . . one person CAN make a difference. Its based on a true story, too. All it takes is an opportunity, and the will to take that opportunity.

Here is another 'proverb' . . .

Once, i ran a red light. The guy behing me was coming in too fast for my own comfort, and so I went through to avoid the accident. Now I'm not sure if he would have hit me or not, but I didn't want to take that chance. Needless to say, I got pulled over. The cop told me that he had no choice but to give me a ticket, because he didn't see the other car clearly enough to call it. I told him that I'd rather get the ticket than, an an alternative, lose my car, my life, or my health. The government would call this acceptable losses . . . I call it preventative disobedience.

This is just my opinion . . . maybe I'm wrong . . .


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