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Default Re: what kind of political stance do you think Dr. Makow has?

Ozziecynic wrote:
:-? This question was exactly my reason for wanting to post Polls here on cc.Not only for ideological beliefs but for age occupation and educational background! I mean for example if i find via percentage style survey that you are all Right Libertarians and Neo cons like Rushdooney then i will happily capitulate and fuck off from cc permantly this time and leave all you, whiners, wannabe yuppies,white trash and other rednecks to it! :roll:
Why in the hell would you need to know our age, occupation or educational background?

It's none of your business.

If you can't tell our views from our posts then maybe you need to open some threads and re-read them.

You can happily fuck off at anytime without a poll.

You're not being held prisoner here.

Stop making excuses.

Oh, I can't leave because I can't conduct a poll.

I think you're the whiner, WHINER!!!
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