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Default Re: For All My Aussie Friends, In Memorium

Thats one of the BEST anti-war songs EVER sung!

The RSL banned it from official functions.

One day Australians will give up on the Gallipoli wank and see it for what it was...idiot colonials fighting an economic war of conquest for the old Empire. And dying in droves for it.

I find ANZAC day an embarrassment.

The only slight good? The Turks and Aussies had a good relationship when the fighting died down and their is a memorial to Atta Turk, the Turkish commander, erected in Albany Western Oz from where an awful lot of ANZACS sailed.

Ted Smout died recently also. He is scathing of the ANZAC celebration and only recently came out for it.

Here is that song...

Eric Bogle - "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda".
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