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I meant to say 30% of Nova scotian children are home schooled. takes the burden off the government. tax payers keep on paying... it's a cash cow for corruption and the pervs.
I don't know the exact statistics, but it is probably approaching those numbers in certain parts of America. I know dozens of parents in my own area are homeschooling their children. And yes, most of them are about as qualified as I am to sing opera.
It's a bugger of a problem. I agree that it can retard socialization (inasmuch as I would want my kids to socialize with so many of the little "Hitler Youth" who comprise our student base), but often a parent is given little choice, especially if you can't afford private schooling. Should your child encounter a mean or even abusive (including sexual abuse) teacher, bullying classmates or just simple learning-related problems, there is no help available by confronting the school administration. They are too busy playing their bureaucratic games and cranking out a new batch of mind-controlled slaves down the assembly line to worry about the welfare of any individual student.
There were elements of the school voucher program that kind of appealed to me, but in its current Bushco form, it merely aggravates the crisis already occurring in inner-city schools by letting families opt out for suburban programs, thereby reducing further the amount of state and federal monies going to these troubled schools as their enrollment numbers decline further.
Still, some system that would impose some real world incentives on teachers and administrators to improve their standards or lose their cushy tenures is the key to reforming our schools.
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