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No, no, no! We should all have brainprint scanners. You just think of a password or code phrase and the scanner measures your brainwave signature.

Also, remember that US aircraft are routinely microwaving whole communities in the US. It is rumoured that one of the styles is called "shock & awe", or something like that.
It starts with a medium jolt, like a little "pop" in your head (also referred to as the EM caffein jolt). Then there is a pulsed sequence which is a little less in intensity but is more of a square wave: the freq. is somewhere in the 10Hz to 13Hz range which as you may know is most likely to have an unsettling effect.
What it feels like is that you are startled, and then you feel like you are afraid but at the same time you know that there is nothing to be afraid of. It's weird. Sometimes people look for something to be afraid of or angry at to explain the sensation: this is the influence that the goons hope to effect. They hope to direct this manufactured fear or anger at the target of THEIR choice!
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