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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

The corrupted Nova Scotia Teacher's Union and the N.S. Schoolboard are the two monsters holding our children's education and future for ransome here.

Idiots. That's what they are. I told that local idiot elementary pricipal who earns $76,000.00 per annum - Mr. Carter(you assinine arsewipe) - he was a politician, not an educator. He requested that I leave his office and I told him he was a joke. (Most politely, of course.) He knew I meant what I said and knew it to be true. That's why he turned purple.

A lot of the assholes that have shit on my children, via the education system or gonna run into me, face-to-face, when my children are out of their clasp and grown, and then I'll do my time for my crime.

That evil cow who was a bitch to my shy 5 year old... and felt comfortable rolling her eyes at me... One day I'll see that lady on the street and I'll spit in her face. That is what she deserves. Miss Pain. Seriously - a new young bitchy ignorant stupid woman teacher. Charming role model.

Mary XXX
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