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Default Re: Tesla Technology Down Under?

Torchlithill wrote:
Fra nothing, I've seen all the negative post against you, I'll wait and see what you contribute now that I'm back on...I'm not saying I am a wealth of info, but once upon a time this site was buzzing with alot of intelligent qoutient, and I think I was a part of it, I'd like to see that again.
I haven't read your post, I'm willing to see what you offer, I'm not long in the tooth in my post, I hope you are the same?
Again, this site has been fine without you. It was buzzing while you were gone, it will buzz while you are here and will buzz when you leave again.

You do not affect the buzz, my dear. In fact, I think it is the buzzing in your ear that you may be hearing.

Oh, yes, torchlithill, wait and see what freakman contributes. I'm sure all the intelligents on this site who consider him a nutcase will change their opinion if you see otherwise.

Get real!!!

Long in the tooth in his posts?

You haven't read a thing he's written have you?

Well, don't waste your time.

It makes less sense than you do.
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