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Default Re: Tesla Technology Down Under?

Great follow up post IGWT...others take note.

Yeh, old "Goanna"! Ha ha ha ha...i love him! The man is truly an Australian icon! A friend met him in a lift in Melbourne a few years back. Packers about 6'4 and he said in his most devlish cackling voice..."ah, in the lift with the little people". :-D He's still not sure if he ment in literal height or food chain status. I suggest both.

Packer's personal pilot was a friend of my Grandfathers who ran cattle stations and also "mustering" up past Carnarvon. All Packer ever wanted to know about his cattle station investments was how good were the roads and airstrips. It was an open secret that Packer was bringing in drugs through their in the late 70's and early 80's. Of course he was well up the food chain.

He would qualify as one of the most powerful men in Oz. Easily, with heavy connections with all sorts of nasty people willing to kill if needed. All these bozo's use organized crime to do their dirty work and dispose of loose ends and that includes motorcycle gangs as muscle.

Brings back memories does that article. :-)
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