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Default Re: Liberals vs Conservatives on this forum.

To Freeman,

Do you know what's the consequence of rejecting God's messengers? God promised severe retribution in this life or in the hereafter.

To Marypopinz,

Maybe if you reflect on your posts you may notice the pattern by which you attract fans, excessive praise and direct bullying (sometimes in the same post!). Just an advice, if you want real friends in life, you should treat honsetly and equitably everybody. If you keep using this destructive pattern, all you will get is temporary fans.

To Sablefish,

It is easy to attack and say "shame on you", but it's never easy to debate. Please cite specific points, if you ever want to attack somebody.

To Billiard,

Satan operates in the extremes, only those on the middle balanced straight path will be saved.

To DarkChilde,

No, i wasn't quoting something. I am a messenger of God, not a prophet. A prophet is a messenger who brings a book of prophecy like (Moses, Jesus and Muhammad). As for the messengers, they deliver prophecies or instructions using the scripture avaialable.
I am inspired by God through Gabriel, i delieverd the message on my website, you should verify it before judging it.
What if it is from God and you rejected it?

Ahmad Nishitoba
God\'s alternative, USN

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